About Us

Pristine is an advanced retail consumer behavior science company laser focused on “Growing Happy and Profitable Customers”

We enable retailers to:

  • Treat each customer individually; with synchronized pricing.
  • Make shopping more convenient; with smarter in-store placement, assortment for each channel, and automated delivery.
  • Be smarter; with upcoming demand and price elasticity, product substitution and product affinity based recommendations.
  • Be faster; with automated recommendations based on predictive analytics.

We provide Personalized Merchandising Optimization solutions for Retail and CPG industries. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service, it personalizes and integrates Pricing, Promotions, Personalized Offers, Assortment, Placement, and Delivery recommendations. We possess substantial Retail and CPG business experience, Customer Behavior Analysis Expertise, and pioneering Predictive Data Science and Enterprise Software Engineering capabilities.

Headquartered in Burlington, MA, we have Data Science and Enterprise Software Engineering Labs at Mumbai and Chennai, in India. Our team members are proven innovators, subject matter experts, result-driven managers and technology experts. Combined, our team possesses over 200 years of Retail experience.

Every day, our solution platform receives and analyzes 30 million+ new POS transactions, representing 35 million+ households. Our high speed autonomous solutions guarantee business results by making predictive recommendations available at the key merchandising decision points.

Meet Our Team