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Synchronize your merchandising based on each customer’s upcoming demand and price responsiveness

Price and Promotion

Everyday prices and promotions need to be determined in unison. One impacts the other and any approach that doesn’t simultaneously consider both can’t possibly recommend the most impactful combination of these two complimentary investments. Pristine starts with your quarterly customer and financial objectives, your competitive guidelines and your advertising and promotion assets and constraints. We then combine our household level demand forecasts with our item level price elasticity, product cannibalization and product affinity measurements to recommend the optimal combination of everyday prices and ad promotions for every item, by week, for your entire fiscal quarter. Pristine enables all your price investments to be coordinated for maximum customer impact.

Personalized Offers

Pristine enables coordination of your personalized offers with your weekly ad, everyday prices, and other promotions. Our platform predicts individual household demand and combines this with knowledge of their price paid history and knowledge of scheduled weekly promotions to recommend the best personalized offers that will increase the chances of a shopping trip and increase the likely order size. We enable maximum customer impact across all your price and promotion investments.

Assortment and Display

Pristine enables more convenient, faster shopping for your customers by providing quantitative guidance about demand transfer and purchase affinities. We use item level price elasticity, product cannibalization and product affinity measurements to forecast the impacts of all assortment changes being considered. Our item level promotion forecasts will also consider the impact of secondary displays to improve use of your promotion real estate.

Supply and Home Replenishment

Pristine’s forecasting and AI self-learning foundation enables multi-channel and supply chain optimization. Our household level demand forecasts also predict the channel that will be used, and our forecasts and recommendation engine can be applied to solve for improving in stock conditions and/or minimizing inventory in the pipeline. Pristine enables one common forecast, built up from the predicted purchases of each customer, to provide true synchronization across all merchandising, supply chain, and marketing functions.